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"I have been shoeing for Stephanie Kokenos for 12 years now.  During these many years I have gotten to know Stephanie both personally and professionally.  She is a kind, caring and considerate person of high integrity.  She is dedicated to the care and well being of the horse.  Her attention to detail is impressive.  She's a horse woman.  I would not hesitate to board one of my own horses with her."

- Eric Rook - Professional Farrier 31 years

"Stephanie provides top notch, one on one care for all of the horses at her farm.  I have seen many horses flourish with her TLC and attention to detail, including every ounce of their nutrition.  The farm is blessed with large green pastures, a pond and enviable views.  For both retirees and temporary layups, I highly recommend her facility."

- Dr. Johanna Kremberg, Grand Prix Equine

"Stephanie and Amberfield Farm is the best! I have a horse who is in his 20's and she took excellent care of him, noticing when he seemed a little off, had a temperature, or even wasn't pooping enough.  I am very picky about who I trust my heart horse with and Stephanie is by far the only person in my 15+ years of owning him that I have felt truly at peace when I'm not at the barn.  I can't say enough good things about her and the care she provides.  Harley and I thank you!"

- Rachel Starr

"Our horse Oz was cared for so lovingly by Stephanie for almost 2 years.  While we hoped he would rehab there, it became clear he had DSLD and he was retired there.  While at Amberfield, he got the best care, and love.  Despite being a singular horse he truly loved Stephanie.  The atmosphere there is calm, and the stalls were spacious and always super clean.  Communication was always very clear and if I forgot to order something she would always remind me.  Any time he needed any veterinary attention, she was always prompt to let me know and make the call. Stephanie was able to manage all manner of Oz's care efficently and with the utmost kindness and respect for our horse." 

- Nancy Bressler

"Coming to Amberfield Farm was the best decision I ever made for me and my horse.  Stephanie's attention to detail is what sets her apart from the pack.  She gets to know each of the horses inside and out, so that she can spot any changes and address them quickly and carefully.  In addition to providing access to therapeutic tools like the BEMER blanket, she helped me fine tune my horse's diet, which has him feeling better than ever.  The quality of care Stephanie provides for the horses and the peace of mind she provides the owners cannot be surpassed."

- Emily Bessette

"We give our all to our horses and Stephanie at Amberfield Farm continuously exceeds my expectations when it comes to the care of my OTTB Chico.  I knew he was special the moment I met him and he has surely lived up to that when it comes to medical issues.  At Amberfield Farm, we have access to so many therapeutic tools to help with his rehabilitation.  Stephanie has created a new diet plan for Chico which showed results almost immediately and continue to do so.  She is knowledgeable, attentive and treats each horse as if they were her own.  I can't say enough wonderful things about Stephanie and Amberfield Farm.  Chico and I are so grateful for her!"

- Kaitlyn Nolan

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