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Amberfield Farm is a high quality, comprehensive care, boutique style rehabilitation, layup, semi retirement/retirement facility.  We believe that each horse is an individual and therefore customize their care accordingly.  A long term plan is made for those that are retiring with us.  If your horse requires rehab or layup time whether a week, a month or a year an individual plan will also be created in conjunction with your vet and farrier to optimize their time at our farm.  The environment provided is designed to minimize the stress of the horses and promote relaxation and wellness.  Careful consideration is given to every aspect of their wellbeing.  We also believe that frequent communication between the farm and owner is an important aspect of getting to know the horses and their individual needs as both a preventative and diagnostic measure.

 Barn Amenities:

*Heated barn

*Comfort Stall stall mattresses

*Rubber Aisle Pavers

*Wash stall with hot/cold water

*Arlo cameras in stalls

*Individual Stall Fans

*HayGain Hay steamer used as needed

*HayGain foragers in stalls

*BEMER therapy blanket

*HorseGym 2000 Treadmill 



*IceVibe Boots

*Heated tack room with bathroom

*Various paddock options (medical paddocks, grass fields in season, larger winter paddocks)

*Access to riding ring 

*You can use your own farrier and vet or use the ones recommended by barn owner

*Owner lives on the premises

Meet the Owner
Stephanie Kokenos

I have always been passionate about horses from the time I can remember.  I started with lessons and pony club, helping in numerous barns and developed an avidity for dressage.  When I purchased my first horse, I soon realized the maintenance and upkeep needed to continue to enjoy him at a training/showing level.  We had gone through what so many have with lameness, mystery illnesses, stiffness, old age and changes on x-rays.  I have always believed in a combination of Western and Eastern medicine and, as we tackled each ailment, I researched the best possible ways to support my horse and promote his healing.  I have experimented with a range of products and processes and continue to learn as I go.  I also started to experiment with his nutrition and I saw the huge impact it had on him.  As we went along I tweaked things to make them better and better and have settled on a system that has proven to work well for him.  Alongside nutrition I have found that movement, turnout and other non-invasive therapies further improved his well being.  We bought our farm to assure he was always taken care of in this way and have helped other boarders horses improve and feel better even in their older years.  Out of all of this, I have expanded that idea to help those horses on layup, coming back from an injury or those just needing time to reset and readjust.  I believe that every horse is an individual and therefore I have developed a flexible mindset to allow me to cater to each as such.  My goal of Amberfield is to help each horse thrive and be the best version of themselves!  

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