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We are a full service boarding facility that provides retirement board.  We provide individualized turnout, individualized feeding regimens and individualized care. Retirement board offers different packages and is fully customizable with additional services.  

Retirement Board packages

Basic – Incudes retirement board with option to add any additional service below

Bronze– Includes Retirement board and full grooming services including bathing, mane and tail trimming & spot cleaning as needed with option to add any additional services below

Silver – Includes Retirement board and one daily treadmill session along with the full grooming services with option to add any additional services below

Gold –Includes Retirement board with the full grooming services and one daily treadmill session as well as one daily solarium session OR Bemer session OR equivibe session with option to add any additional services below

Retirement Board includes:

Stall Bedding & Cleaning

Hay and Stables Feed

Daily Turnout (if permitted) in stone dust medical paddocks (varying sizes) or large grass fields in the late spring/summer/early fall


Administration of owner supplied supplements

Daily hoof Picking

Standing for routine medical/dental procedures

Daily grooming

Light Laundry


Services available at an additional fee in single use and package pricing: Bemer sessions, treadmill sessions, solarium sessions, equivibe sessions, cold hosing, ice vibe boots/icing, hand walking, lunging, wrapping/bandaging, bathing, clipping, mane pulling, hot coconut oil toweling.  Medical care varies depending on requirement and time.  We will always try to work with the owner on this to come up with a reasonable rate for service needed.

If a service you need is not listed please feel free to inquire!  Custom packages available based on usage of additional services.

Our small and intimate barn of no more than 7 horses allows for a very personalized experience.  Your boarding experience will be unique to you and your horse.  We are happy to do everything from scheduling of farrier/vet/specialists, to helping with ordering of supplements, supplies or other necessities so you never have to worry about it!  This along with our focus on nutrition separates us from other facilities. So often what we feed is overlooked in the problems that our horses have, especially in times of compromised health and in their older years.  Providing high quality hay along with a balanced whole foods feed can make several changes in your horse's body condition.  Recommendations for diet changes, additional products and supplements is provided as a complimentary service.


A clean, quiet, comfortable space for your horse to rest and relax

Whole Foods Breakfast

Foods to optimize your horses health


Outside space for your horse to be a horse

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